Berenty Reserve

Berenty Baobabs

Travel to Berenty Reserve – Superb Private Wildlife Refuge

Berenty Reserve is a small private reserve of gallery forest along the Mandrare river, situated in the south of Madagascar, about 85 kilometres from Fort Dauphin. The reserve covers an area of 265 ha, surrounded by desert.

This private wildlife reserve is one of Madagascar’s premier tourist destinations. Berenty is well known for its large population of sub-desert lemurs, and is a great destination for those who want to see some of Madagascar’s endemic bird species.

Visitors can enjoy watching Berenty’s ringtailed lemur troops sauntering with tails in the air, and Berenty’s white sifaka dancing over the ground or riccocheting between thorn-studded trees.

In this small protected habitat, you will also have the opportunity to see large populations of brown lemur and Verreaux sifaka, as well as white footed sportive lemur and grey mouse lemur. Birds include White-browed Owl and Giant Coua.

Berenty Reserve includes closed canopy gallery forest of ancient tamarind trees, drier open scrub, and the surreal “spiny forest” of southern Madagascar. It is also home to 103 bird species, 56 of whom breed in the reserve.

The reserve is reached after a two hour drive from Tolagnaro on the southeast coast.


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