Kirindy National Park

Red Fronted Brown Lemur in Kirindy

Travel to Kirindy National Park – Outstanding Wildlife Habitat

Kirindy National Park, also called the Swiss Forest, is one of the most outstanding wildlife habitats in Madagascar, yet it is not a reserve. The park is managed by a Swiss company for commercial logging. The park is approximately 50 kilometres northeast of Morondava.

The park has a wide range of mammals and birds. Among them, there is the giant jumping rat, narrow-stripped mongoose, fosa, nocturnal lemur, diurnal lemurs, white-breasted mesite, coquerel’s coua, crested coua, sicle-billed vanga, white-headed vanga, grey-headed lovebird, Madagascar nightjar, Madagascar harrier hawk, Henst’s goshawk and banded kestrel.


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