Tolagnaro (Fort Dauphin)

Road into Fort Dauphin

Travel to Tolagnaro (Fort Dauphin) – Capital of the Anosy Region

Tolagnaro is one of the most beautifully located of all Malagasy destinations and one of the most visited regions in Madagascar thanks to its beautiful “Libanona beach”.

Located on the southeastern edge of Madagascar, Tolagnaro, also known as Fort Dauphin, is the capital of the Anosy region. The city was the most durable French settlement in Madagascar at the modern site of Tolagnaro before the 19th century. According to its history, the first European visitors were shipwrecked Portuguese sailors.

The city was founded in 1643 by the French East India Company who built a fort there, named in honour of the crown prince of France, the future Louis XIV. It was settled by around a hundred colonists, who found themselves involved in the local politics.

The poor trade results hardly justified the difficulties of the settlers, who suffered from tropical illnesses and other problems. After a conflict with the Antanosy people, the survivors were evacuated in 1674.

Visit the Portuguese Fort built in 1504 in the mouth of the river Vinanibe, the corniche where you can overlook the three main bays with numerous creeks and tide pools, Pic Saint Louis, Galions Bay, Lakaro Bay, Sainte Luce Bay, Andohahohela Reserve, Mandena Reserve, Antanosy Tombs, Lake Lanirano, and the SIFOR rope making factory.

Travellers can enjoy climbing Pic Saint Louis and shopping at the Hotel Le Dauphin. Excursions to nearby bays can be arranged.


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