Tulear Market

Travel to Toliary (Tulear) – Coral Reef & Provincial Capital

By reason of the savage beauty of the landscape and its rich marine resources, Tulear is a very attractive destination in Madagascar. It also has one of the most important coral reefs in the world.

Also known as Toliary (and Toliaria), is the capital of the Atsimo-Andrefana region and the Toliary province. The current spelling of the name was adopted in the 1970s, and reflects the orthography of the Malagasy language. Many geographic place names were similarly altered in this time from their previous French spellings following Malagasy independence in 1960.

As a port town, the city acts as a major import/export hub for commodities such as sisal, soap, hemp, cotton, rice and peanuts.

Excellent diving and snorkeling can be enjoyed. Bird lovers can enjoy birdwatching in the Zombitse and Vohibasia forests.

Enjoy a visit to the Bermarivo springs, the Museum of the Sakalava and Mahafaly culture, Saint Augustin Bay, Nosy Ve, the Caves of Sarodrano, Betioky and Mahafaly tombs (140 kilometres east), Ifaty, Anakao village, Nosy Satrana, Beza Mahafaly Reserve and Ampanihy.

Unwind on Ifaty beach a short drive away.


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