Île aux Cerfs

Île aux Cerfs

Travel to Île aux Cerfs – Beautiful Beaches & Wild Deer

The Île aux Cerfs is located off the east coast of Mauritius close to the village of Trou d’Eau Douce in the district of Flacq. The island covers approximately 100 hectares and has miles of beautiful tree-lined beaches – reputed to be the most beautiful in Mauritius. The island is also home to a population of ‘wild’ deer.

There are public facilities on the island: a beach bar, snack bar and restaurant.

The island is ideal for swimming and snorkelling – its shallow lagoon makes it particularly safe for children. When the tide is low it is possible to walk across the waters to the more northerly Île de L’Est which is joined to the Île aux Cerfs by a sandbar. It takes approximately 3 hours to walk round the island.

Boats are operated by several different companies. They leave Trou d’Eau Douce roughly every half hour during the day. The crossing takes approximately 15 minutes each way, or only five minutes by speed boat.


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