Travel to Réunion – Active Volcanic Island of the Indian Ocean

In the midst of the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar and west of Mauritius, lies the dramatic volcanic island of Réunion. A French ‘Department’ and the only European region in the Southern Hemisphere, Reunion is a true land of contrasts. Here, nature has left a heritage rich in quite extraordinary scenery. Spread over 2,500 square km, this island has all the diversity a continent can offer. Sure there is the usual tropical island cocktail of coconut trees, exotic beaches and turquoise blue lagoons. Réunion though offers much more. For travellers searching for unique experiences, this may just be the place.

Volcanic activity two and a half million years ago first created this land, and even today the island is home to one of the most active volcanoes on earth, Piton de La Fournaise. Three huge collapsed volcanic peaks – the cirques of Mafate, Cilaos and Salazie – dominate the centre of the island. With numerous hiking trails, waterfalls, gorges and amazing views at every corner, these awe-inspiring mountains provide a real adventure playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Réunion also hosts a fascinating blend of cultures, rites and religious beliefs born from the faraway lands of Africa, Asia and Europe.

  • Observe one of the most active volcanoes on earth – Piton de la Fournaise
  • Hike amid the dramatic volcanic landscapes of Les Cirques
  • Try your hand at one of the many activity pursuits available locally
  • Immerse yourself in the diverse culture and cuisine of a faraway island
  • Head for a west coast beach ringed by reefs and simply…relax!


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