Cirque de Salazie

Salazie Town

Travel to Cirque de Salazie – Cirque of Lush Vegetation and Waterfalls

Cirque de Salazie is one of three magnificent amphitheatres that surround Piton des Neiges, Réunion’s highest peak. Salazie is the largest, wettest and greenest of the three cirques and thus has wonderful lush vegetation with numerous waterfalls cascading down its walls.

The island’s highest peak, the ‘Piton des Neiges’ (3071m) is often visible during the early part of the day before the clouds roll in.

Proclaimed as one of France’s most beautiful villages, Hell-Bourg is one of the best-known villages in Les Cirques. As well as being an ideal base from which to set out on foot to explore the ‘Cirque de Salazie’, Hell-Bourg also boasts a rich legacy of Creole architecture and the ruins of a former spa. The small hamlet of Grand Ilet in the north of the Cirque acts as an alternative gateway to hiking trails.

Hiking is the major activity here. Maison de la Montagne de la Reunion provides a specialist and comprehensive information and gite/hut booking service covering hiking routes all over Reunion. Canyoning and rock-climbing can also be organised in the surrounding vicinity. Local operators specialise in organising activity pursuits in the ‘Cirque de Salazie’.

From the town of St-Andre on Reunion’s northeast coast a spectacular 22 km journey unfolds. A twisting road makes its way through the gorge of the Riviere du Mât, passing impossibly sheer mountainsides covered with lush vegetation and bisected by numerous cascading waterfalls.

  • Experience hiking amid the ‘Cirque de Salazie’ natural amphitheatre
  • An opportunity to discover rich, traditional and colourful Creole architecture in Hell-Bourg
  • Try your hand at a choice of adrenaline-pumping activity pursuits


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