La Plaine-des-Palmistres

Reunion's High Plaines

Travel to La Plaine-des-Palmistres – Biberon Waterfall & Forests of Bélouve

Anyone travelling from the east ‘Windward’ coast up to the High Plains will pass through the region known as La Plaine-des-Palmistres (1100m). Although there are no real cultural highlights in the area, a short half hour walk north of the main road leads to the 240m-high Biberon waterfall.

More walks in the superb tamarind forests at Bélouve can also be accessed from the highway, via a surfaced forestry track. The charming ‘Domaine des Tourelles’ is a centre promoting the island’s local arts and crafts. The speciality of this area, is the cultivation of the guava.

A car is essential for travelling around this highland region.

  • Take a short walk to the Biberon waterfall
  • Drive a forestry track then walk in the high-altitude tamarind forests at Bélouve


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