Saint Denis

Saint Denis at Night

Travel to Saint-Denis – Reunion’s Colourful Island Capital

Saint-Denis has been Reunion’s capital since 1738. It is a lively city rich in local history and is the largest city in all of the French overseas departments. It is a place of cultural and religious diversity where Chinese and Tamil temples, mosques and churches exist in close proximity.

At some stage of a visit to the island, travellers will probably pass through or rest for a night in Saint-Denis. For those that do a day is probably enough to appreciate the main places of interest and to experience the ambience and atmosphere of the island’s ‘capital’ city.

Attractive Créole colonial houses adorn some of the streets that criss-cross the city. Downtown Saint-Denis has a good selection of boutiques and various stores, whilst the small and large markets add a touch of local colour.

Some of the most interesting monuments to wander by are: the Prefecture, the Cathedral, the Monument de la Victoire, the Town Hall, Maison Deramond, the Leon Dierx Museum and the State Gardens – Botanical Gardens designed by Francois Breon in 1817.

If you do not have your own transport, then taxis are widely available. Downtown can easily be explored on foot.

  • Promenade with the local people along the famous ‘Barachois’ seafront.
  • Visit the ‘Petit’ Market and ‘Grand’ Market for fresh fruit, spices and local handicrafts.
  • Experience sophisticated restaurants and beautiful Créole houses.


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