Saint Pierre

Travel to Saint-Pierre – ‘Capital’ of the South

Saint-Pierre is the third largest district of Réunion. It is a compact town with a nice atmosphere and a pleasant seafront with sandy, but often windswept, beach. Travellers can choose to spend a night here en route to or from the high plains and volcano. Saint-Pierre’s weekly market takes place on Saturday morning and is one of the most important on the island.

Other than the market and beachfront area, the only real attractions here are the cemetery containing the grave of an African sorcerer, Le Sitarane – a popular pilgrimage spot for local people who believe in black magic; and Isautier House, a rum-making distillery. Tamil temples, a Chinese pagoda, the Mosque and Ravine-Blanche Church provide a contrast of holy places.

Saint-Pierre can be easily reached by road via the east coast, west coast or via the High Plains.

  • Head down to Saint-Pierre’s beachfront area and sandy beach
  • Take in the colourful weekly market on a Saturday morning


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