Northern Seychelles

Travel to Northern Seychelles Archipelago – Home to the Seychelles Capital and Main Island

The region of the Northern Seychelles Archipelago extends northwards from the island of Alphonse and encompasses the main islands of Coëtivy, Île Plate, les Amirantes, Praslin and Mahé. Mahé is the largest and main island in the Seychelles and is home to the country’s capital; Victoria. Mahé has extremely popular and beautiful beaches, or you can head to Victoria for museums, markets and nightlife.

Other attractions in the Northern Seychelles Archipelago include pristine beaches, the Vallée de Mai world heritage site on Praslin, diverse marine and bird life, and numerous outdoor activities which range from surfing to hiking.

For the ultimate in relaxation combined with cultural attractions, the Northern Seychelles Archipelago is the destination for you.

  • Visit the cultural attractions of the capital; Victoria.
  • Relax on gorgeous white sandy beaches.
  • Spot all manner of bird and marine life.
  • Enjoy sports such as biking, hiking, surfing and diving.
  • Explore the Vallée de Mai world heritage site.


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