Beach on Desroches

Travel to Desroches – Beautiful and Exclusive Island

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The island of Desroches is located in the Northern Seychelles Archipelago and it is the main island of the Amirante Islands. It is known to be a relatively exclusive island and with its fine sandy beaches, palm trees adorning the landscape, a near perfect climate and crystal clear waters, it is the perfect place in which to enjoy a relaxing break.

Desroches was named by Chevalier de Roslan who was the commander of the ship L’Heure du Berger, after the Chevalier des Roches, the Governor of Mauritius and Réunion from 1767 to 1772. However, the British had originally named it Wood Island because of its dense tree landscape.

Desroches is an exclusive island which is home to outstanding sandy beaches and miles of coral reef. You can spot marine life aplenty in the crystal clear water or simply relax on the gorgeous beaches which are adorned with coconut palms and tall hardwood trees.

Enjoy lounging on the beautiful beaches or enjoy snorkelling, swimming and scuba diving in the pristine waters where you will find a lengthy coral reef as well as an abundance of fascinating marine life.

Desroches Island is home to miles of pristine white beaches so what better way to relax than simply spending your days here.

Desroches is small and exclusive and so you can easily get around on foot. To get to the island you can sail or fly.

  • Lounge on stunning beaches.
  • Spot an abundance of marine life.
  • Enjoy the exclusivity of this peaceful island.


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