Southern Seychelles Archipelago

Travel to Southern Seychelles Archipelago – Coral Islands to Inhospitable Atolls

The region of the Southern Seychelles Archipelago extends southwards from the Aldabra Islands and encompasses the Atoll de Cosmoledo, the Providence Atoll and the Atoll de Farquhar.

This region, like the rest of the country, is home to outstanding beaches which are ideal for relaxing on. Or perhaps try something a little more active in the form of sports such as diving, snorkelling and hiking.

From coral islands to inhospitable atolls, the Southern Seychelles Archipelago is a diverse region which has it all.

  • See diverse landscapes including coral atolls.
  • Spot all manner of bird and marine life.
  • Hike through beautiful landscapes.
  • Enjoy diving and snorkelling in an underwater paradise.
  • Relax on sandy white beaches.


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