Aldabra Atoll

Aldabra Tortoises

Travel to Aldabra Atoll – Abundant in Diverse Wildlife

The Aldabra Atoll is a raised coral atoll which is located in the Southern Seychelles Archipelago. The atoll has four main islands as well as numerous smaller ones and it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is home to distinct flora and fauna including the renowned Aldabra Giant Tortoise and due to its unspoiled and undeveloped nature it is perfect for wildlife spotting.

Aldabra got its name from the Arabs but throughout the years it passed through the possession of France, Great Britain and Mauritius. Aladabra was designated a World Heritage Site on November 19, 1982.

The main attraction in the Aldabra Atoll is the diverse wildlife. Species that you may spot include the Aldabra giant tortoise, green turtles, hawksbill turtles, hammerhead sharks, mantarays, barracuda, and numerous species of birds.

You can also see many smaller islands as well as the four main ones.

Simply explore the islands and enjoying seeing a diverse range of wildlife including sharks, tortoises and numerous species of birds.

Get around the main islands by foot or go between the islands by boat.

  • See the renowned Aldabra Giant Tortoise.
  • Spot an abundance of marine life from sharks to turtles.
  • Enjoy the undeveloped and untouched natural landscapes.


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