Mosque of al-Hakim

Taking to throne at 11 years of age al-Hakim went on to become one of Egypt’s most infamous rulers. His bloodthirsty nature meant that all around him lived in a perpetual state of terror, not knowing if a wrong word or action would mean they would be killed in the most gruesome of ways. Taking to a donkey named Moon at night al-Hakim wandered the streets anonymously giving gifts and punishing wrongdoers.

One night he disappeared never to be seen again and one of his close followers, al-Daruzi, took this as a sign from God of his divine nature: al-Daruzi went on to establish the Druze sect which continues to have a following in the hills of Syria and Lebanon today. The Mosque of al-Hakim was rarely used as such variously being a prison during the Crusader period, a stable, han (warehouse) and and perhaps most fittingly given its founder, an asylum.


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