Aswan Museum and Abu

Aswan Museum and ancient Abu

Home to a large hotel and several Nubian villages the southern end of Elephantine Island is where the remains of ancient Abu and the little Aswan Museum, located in a colonial-style resthouse, can be found. In antiquity Abu was the centre of a cult dedicated to Khnum, the ram-headed god, creator of life on the potter’s wheel and guardian of the Nile. The best exhibits from the museum are now found in the Nubian Museum but the rooms are still worth wandering.

The remains of ancient Abu are a travellers gem being partially reconstructed and consisting not only of the mudbrick walls but also the Temple of Khnum and a Nilometer, used to measure the flood. The ruins are littered with hieroglyphs, reliefs still with original paint intact and other inscriptions. The site is usually quiet with few other visitors.


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