Lake Nasser

Boat on Lake Nasser

Travel to Lake Nasser – Stark Beauty in the Nubian Desert

Lake Nasser is a vast manmade lake – the largest in the world – that sits like a blue green jewel in the heart of the Nubian wilderness. Its creation flooded the traditional lands of the culturally rich Nubian people and displaced them never to return, yet has regulated the flow of the Nile bringing safety and economic stability to those living further north. Today it provides the opportunity to visit the Pharaonic wonders south of Aswan in comfort or to fish for the great Nile perch and others.

Each year the Nile’s inundation brought rich black silt to the fields on the low lying riverbanks of Egypt, and each year the destruction of the floodwaters was catastrophic, washing away whole communities. The Aswan dam helped to control the flow somewhat but it was the completion of the High Dam in 1970 which created Lake Nasser, a massive body of water covering 5300 sq km, which brought order and relief to those north of Aswan.

The rising waters of Lake Nasser would have engulfed several important Pharaonic monuments, such as Abu Simbel, Philae, Kalabsha and Wadi as-Subua, so these were moved by UNESCO and others in a massive and successful rescue effort.

Today the lake, rich in fish, provides an income for fishermen whilst travellers can explore the monuments above on a comfortable cruise or, for anglers, join the fishermen for the quest for the Nile perch, a 2 metre-long freshwater monster.

Heading south to Wadi Halfa in Sudan more intrepid travellers can head towards Khartoum via the Dongala Churches and the stunning remains of the Meroitic civilisation – to discover amazing pyramids and temples few westerners have ever seen.

Arrange both cruises and fishing trips through a local travel experts in Cairo (for cruises) and Aswan (for fishing) prior to arriving in Egypt.

It’s not hard to relax on Lake Nasser. Your boat will undoubtedly have a well-stocked bar of cold drinks and a sundowner on deck is the perfect way to relax as the sun goes down.

Travel on Lake Nasser and south into ancient Nubia is only realistically possible as part of an organised tour arrange through a local travel expert.

  • Visit the saved monuments of Lake Nasser on a cruise
  • Fish for the Nile perch – a 2 meter monster


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