Al Quseir

Travel to Al Quseir – Quieter Alternative to Hurghada on Egypt’s Red Sea Coast

Whereas Hurghada is large, loud and brash the ancient port of Al Quseir is the antithesis, being a small, historical town on the southern Red Sea coast just discovering its potential as a resort. It provides a touch of culture with the opportunity to relax on the beach and do some snorkelling or diving.

Once an important Ottoman-era town Al Quseir lies 4hrs east of Luxor on the Red Sea coast to the south of the port of Safaga. Its history can be traced back to Pharaonic times but there is little trace of it now; it was the port from which Queen Hatshepsut set out on her now-famous trading trip to the Land of Punt. The current town is dominated by its fort and its fortunes in modern times were at their height immediately prior to the opening of the Suez Canal which sealed its fate. Today it is a small, relaxed town that receives visitors keen to relax and do a little snorkelling, or more experienced divers.

The reef comes close to the shore at Al Quseir making it ideal for snorkellers and divers alike and one or two companies can arrange trips. There is the opportunity to explore by 4WD too as the Wadi Hammamat some 140 or so kilometres south in Fustat Wadi El Gemal National Park and has Pharaonic inscriptions.

Divers need to be more experienced to make the most of what the region has to offer as the sites here are more technical than elsewhere in the region. As ever with more technical activities it is best to make arrangements prior to departure with a reputable provider. 4WD trips are worthwhile if more expensive than elsewhere as there is little competition and distances are greater.

Al Quseir’s appeal is that it is quiet with no loud pubs or nightclubs, however most of the larger hotels have relaxing restaurants and bars.

Al Quseir town is easily explored on foot with taxis available for the shuttle between hotel and town. The best way of seeing the surrounding attractions is to book a tour with a local travel expert.

  • Laid back ancient port with both above and under-water attractions
  • Take a trip to dive spots less-visited than those further north
  • Take a 4WD trip to see the Pharaonic graffiti at Wadi Hammamat


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