Dahab Dive Sites

Dahab lies alongside the deepest section of the African rift, the giant crack in the earth’s crust that formed the Red Sea. The jagged mountains above, continue at much the same angle underwater, forming a dramatic seascape of valleys, canyons and caves. Most of Dahab’s dive-spots are geologically unique.

Two dive-sites, the Canyon and the Blue Hole, are worldwide known amongst divers. Sport divers are allowed to explore the two sites to a maximum depth of 30m. To dive the deeper section of these fascinating formations one has to be a TEC-diver, using special gas-mixtures; such dives can be arranged in Dahab.

Shore-diving is the way to go in Dahab: with a few exceptions you simply drive along the shore by jeep or pick-up truck, gear up at the beach and start your dive. When entering the water one has to be careful, especially with high waves and during low tide.

The most northerly dive-site is “The Bell” and in the south “The Caves”. Ras Abu Galum and Gabr El Bint can only be reached by camel, making for a unique trip.

Due to the slightly cooler water, coral growth is quite different than in the Sharm el Sheikh region. The dominant species are acropora, brain and stone coral, leather and black coral. Only occasionally you will come across the soft corals.

Fishlife is represented by the typical Red Sea reef dwellers – trigger and surgeon fish, all kind of groupers, emperor and parrotfish. With some luck you can observe pelagius, such as jackfish, barracudas or even a reef shark.


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