Hurghada fishing boat

Travel to Hurghada – Lively Red Sea Resort

As with Sharm el Sheikh on the Sinai coast Hurghada’s fortunes have changed dramatically over the last 2 decades. Attracting an international set of travellers keen to get a tan and see something of the Red Sea the town is bold and brassy, with many large hotels catering to the beach-sets’ every need. It’s of interest to adventure travellers because of the good snorkelling and diving, so come here with your eyes open and enjoy its underwater delights before moving on.

Lying some 4 hrs east of Luxor on Egypt’s Red Sea coast Hurghada was in the early 80s little more than a fishing village on the edge of the Eastern Desert but when hotels proved to be a profitable investment all building commenced apace and unrestricted development now means that Hurghada spreads along the coast some 25km from what was the old town’s centre. Popular with East Europeans the town is occasionally kitsch and brash and doesn’t feel at all Egyptian but for all that it has some great underwater attractions with several superb dive sites to discover out of town.

If you are in need of a break by a pool away from the temples and want to do a little snorkelling or diving, but don’t have the time for the Sinai then Hurghada may be for you. There are several good hotels with all the usual water-sports you’d expect of an international resort, together with many dive operators. Day-trips to nearby attractions such as popular Giftun Island are great for snorkellers whilst some out of town dive sites such as to Umm Gamar and Sha’ab al-Erg are excellent.

Most travellers come here to do some snorkelling or diving and a wide variety of dive operators offer many different trips. There are reefs at the southern end of town, but to see some of the better ones it’s essential to take a boat trip. Day trips to snorkel, usually with lunch included, allow swimmers to experience something of the underwater coral gardens, whilst divers will need to arrange a dedicated dive excursion. These should wherever possible be booked from home via a reputable local operator: there are some rogue traders in town.

Hurghada offers restaurants, bars and, in the larger hotels, discos and floorshows.

Hurghada is split into 3 separate areas and a taxi or your own transportation is required to get around. Dive and snorkel trips usually include transport from and to your accommodation.

  • Take a break from Pharaonic Egypt and enjoy some R and R
  • Snorkellers should take a day trip to nearby reefs
  • Divers can enjoy some quieter dive sites from Hurghada; book with a reputable operator


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