Hurghada Dive Sites

In Hurghada both beginners and experienced divers will find plenty of dive sites to enjoy, from a favourite sandy bottom with shifting white sand dunes to dramatic, steep outer reefs and the legendary wrecks in the Straits of Gubal.

Hurghada’s northern reefs include favourites like Abu Galawa, Abu Nugar, Sha’ab El Erg (Dolphin House), Um Gamar and Carless Reef – all reached by boat with a cruising time of between 25 and 60 minutes. There are over 30 different dive sites and, apart from a very few exceptions, they are just as good for snorkelling because the reefs are very shallow.

Wreck dives to sites like the legendary Thistlegorm and to the ship ‘graveyard’ at Abu Nuhas (with wrecks such as Giannis D., Carnatic, Kimon Ml, Chrisoula K.) are organised as day trips (early morning departure) and also as live-aboard multi-day safaris. The wrecks have become fantastic artificial reefs offering a home to countless species of fish.

The above-mentioned wrecks are all situated in diver-friendly depths of 15-30 metres. In many cases one can safely dive into the wrecks themselves. There are two other wrecks, which can be reached on a normal day trip. One is a minesweeper ship (sunk by Israeli fighter bombers in 1970), the other is the Excalibur (a dive safari boat which sank in 1995). Both are situated in the Hurghada harbour area.


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