Travel to Libya – Land of Roman Africa and Desert Adventure

Libya has opened her doors to tourism in recent years and now positively welcomes international travellers. Although Colonel Gaddafi keeps tight control over the country, under his rule vast wealth generated from oil production has been invested in road-building, modernising towns, cities and infrastructure.

With a remarkable wealth of archaeological sites steeped in Roman African history with colossal amphitheatres overlooking the shores of the Mediterranean, troglodyte cave dwellings, remarkable granaries, awe-inspiring Saharan desert scenery and some of the finest beaches in Africa, Libya has much to offer the curious explorer.

From Leptis Magna, once the most magnificent Roman city in Africa, to the flower-filled site of Cyrene in north-east Libya visitors will be amazed by the size of these historical sites. With natural wonders including the Ubari Sand Sea of the Sahara and the Akakus Mountains, Libya also offers breathtaking scenery and wilderness adventure at its best.

  • Discover the extensive remains of Africa’s best preserved Roman city, Leptis Magna – one of the world’s great places.
  • Head south by 4×4 and explore the vast wilderness of the Ubari Sand Sea and the Akakus Mountains.
  • Find your own private beach on Libya’s huge undeveloped Mediterranean Sea coastline.
  • Sightsee at Sabratha and Cyrene and observe the impressive remains of Apollonia.
  • Encounter hospitable and welcoming Libyan people in a modern desert nation.


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