Benghazi & Eastern Libya

Travel to Benghazi & Eastern Libya – Ancient Ruins in Abundance

The region of Benghazi and Eastern Libya borders Egypt to the East and the Mediterranean Sea to the North and is home to such destinations as Cyrene, Apollonia, Tobruk and of course Benghazi.

Benghazi is the second largest city in Libya and therefore a popular tourist destination. Here you’ll find museums, a zoo, mosques and beautiful gardens. However, this region’s speciality is ancient ruins and you’ll find them in abundance at places such as Cyrene, Apollonia, Qasr Libya and Ptolemais. Explore ancient Greek theatres, temples, palaces and churches or to see one of the world’s finest collections of mosaics head to Qasr Libya here a floor of mosaic panels was discovered in 1957.

  • See one of the world’s finest collections of mosaics at Qasr Libya.
  • Explore ancient temples, theatres and palaces.
  • Visit the large cultural city of Benghazi where you’ll find museums, mosques and beautiful gardens.


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