Travel to Apollonia – Byzantine and Greek Ancient Ruins

Thanks to its magnificent setting, all surrounded by hills and with a beach cut by rugged rocks, Apollonia is really worth a visit. Here you can see ancient churches, palaces and theatres.

Apollonia , also called Susa, was founded by Greek colonists and became a significant commercial centre in the southern Mediterranean. It served as the harbour of Cyrene, situated only 20 kilometres to the southwest. Apollonia was one of the five towns of the Libyan Pentapolis.

The museum of Apollonia and the ancient port Marsa Sousa with its churches, theatre, and public baths, are the main places to be visited while in Apollonia. Underwater ruins can only be explored by getting a trip with a local boat.

The churches that you can see are the three which remain out of the original five and date from the Byzantine period, the palace was last used as the Byzantine Duke’s Palace and contains over 100 rooms and the Greek theatre stands by the sea outside the old city walls.

Take a trip on a local boat to see spectacular underwater ruins or simply explore the ancient ruins complete with churches, palaces and theatres.

Simply absorb the atmosphere and marvel at the spectacular ancient ruins before heading into the surrounding towns to find a restaurant in which to spend the evening after a long day sightseeing.

Taxis run between Susa (Apollonia) and Shahat (Cyrene) or you can hire a car. Car hire is available from most major cities as well as from airports.

  • Explore ancient palaces, theatres and churches.
  • Take a boat trip to see underwater ruins.


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