Qasr Libya

Qasr Libya

Travel to Qasr Libya – Home to Beautiful Mosaics

Located 45 kilometres east of Al-Bayda and 60 kilometres west of Al-Marj, Qsar Libya is the site of a Byzantine fort and church dating back to the reign of the Emperor Justinian in the 6th century AD.

Here a floor of stunning mosaic panels was discovered in 1957, the majority of which are now housed in the on-site museum. This collection of mosaics is considered one of the world’s finest and it is found to be most intriguing that it depicts pagan subjects as well as human and animal figures.

Qasr Libya Museum is the main attraction in Qasr Libya, here you can see the stunning mosaic panels.

The main activity here is to explore the museum to see the fascinating mosaic panels. However, you can choose to explore further afield such as the ancient sites at Apollonia and Cyrene or the historic buildings at Benghazi.

Shared taxis run between al-Bayda and al-Marj. You can also hire a car from most major cities as well as from airports.


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