Travel to Tobruk – World War Two Attractions

Tobruk is a town, seaport, municipality and peninsula in northeastern Libya, near the border with Egypt. The town used to be the site of a colony of ancient Greeks, then later on became a Roman fortress guarding the Cyrenaican frontier. Tobruk was the scene of ferocious battles in World War Two and now you can visit the cemeteries and memorials of those who fought in the war.

Over the centuries, Tobruk also served as a way station along the coastal caravan route. By 1911, it became an Italian military post. Rebuilt after World War II, Tobruk was later expanded during the 1960s to have a port terminal linked by an oil pipeline to the Sarir oil field.

Visit the old trenches from the war as well as German and Knightsbridge Commonwealth cemeteries, memorials and the site of a tree whose roots were dug out in order to accommodate a hospital.

Join a guided tour of the historical attractions or simply explore alone and absorb the atmosphere.

  • Visit World War Two cemeteries and memorials.
  • See old war trenches.
  • Join a guided tour of the area’s attractions.


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