Sabha & Southern Libya

Travel to Sabha & Southern Libya – From Deserts to Mountains

The region of Sabha and Southern Libya borders Niger and Chad to the South and Algeria to the West. It is home to such popular tourist destinations as the Ubari Sand Sea, Germa, the Acacus Mountains and of course Sabha.

This region is ideal for those looking to take a trip into the desert to try camel riding, participate in a desert safari, see the beautiful tree lined Ubari Lakes or to simply camp by the vast dunes.

However, visitors will also find cultural delights here including spectacular rock art at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Tadrart Acacus and the ancient ruins of forts and houses at Germa.

  • See intricate rock paintings and carvings at Tadrart Acacus.
  • Journey into the desert at the Ubari Sand Sea.
  • Explore ancient ruins at Germa.


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