Ancient paintings at the Germa Museum

Travel to Germa – Major Ruins of the Garamantian Empire

Located 40 kilometres west of Ubari and 150 kilometres northeast of Sabha, Germa is an archaeological site in Libya with major ruins of the Garamantian Empire, a two-thousand-year-old civilization that once ruled the Fezzan.

The Garamantes were a warrior nation who originated in the Tibesti region of the Sahara. This civilization climaxed during the second and the third centuries. The Garamantes were a Berber kingdom who had resisted the Roman Empire’s dominating influence.

You can visit the site of two ruins, Garama and Zinchecra, about 2 km north of the little village of Germa. Here you’ll find a fort and a number of normal houses at Garama and at Zinchecra there is an old burial site and a natural spring here where people used to get their water from.

Relax by camping and spending the night near the ancient sites.

Buses between Ubari and Sabha pass through the region and taxis are available although they may not go down the whole road.


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