Ubari Sand Sea

Lake at Ubari

Travel to Ubari Sand Sea – The Western Oasis

With its vast panoramas of rolling dunes, Ubari Sand Sea is a breathtaking desert oasis that is really worth a visit. Here you trek amidst a beautiful landscape of palms and high ridges of sand enabling visitors to enjoy an authentic desert adventure.

Ubari Sand Sea is an oasis city in South-Western Libya, in the Targa valley. This western Libyan desert lies between the Messak Sattafat plateau and Idhan Ubari sand dunes and lakes; it stretches almost to Ghadhames, 500 kilometres to the northwest.

Aside from beautiful sand dunes visitors can see the stunning Ubari Lakes. These are salt lakes that are surrounded by reeds, date palms and tamarisk trees. The most famous lake is Lake Gabraoun which is dominated by an immense sand dune as well as numerous palm trees, the other lake is Lake Umm al-Maa (Mother of Waters). However, visitors can also visit Wadi Mathendoush where you can see traditional rock paintings which dates back thousands of years.

The main activity in the Ubari Sand Sea is to join a desert safari. Here you’ll take four wheel drive vehicles across the dunes before camping each night in the vast beautiful desert.

Relax by stopping for a swim in one of the lakes such as Lake Gabraoun, this is an ideal way to refresh yourself after an exhilirating drive through the hot desert. Then at night relax in your camps under a clear sky and marvel at the empty expanses of the Ubari Sand Sea.

The best way to get around is to join an organised tour which use four wheel drive vehicles.

  • Swim in the tree lined Ubari lakes.
  • Witness a stunning sunrise with beautiful blue dawn skies and golden dunes.
  • Explore the vast sand dunes on an exhilirating four wheel drive adventure.


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