Travel to Ghadames – Ancient World Heritage Oasis Town

Ghadames is an oasis town in the west of Libya, located approximately 341 miles to the south west of Tripoli, near the borders to Algeria and Tunisia.

This fascinating town is one of the oldest pre-Saharan cities in the world and an outstanding example of a traditional settlement. Ghadames is also famous for its beautiful and inventive architecture designed to fight the dramatic extremities of Saharan climate.

This old town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Roman name for the town was Cydamus. During the 6th century, a Bishop lived in the oasis, after the population had been converted to Christianity by Byzantine missionaries. During the 7th century, Ghadames was ruled by the Muslim Arabs. The population quickly converted to Islam and Ghadames played an important role as base for the Trans-Saharan trade until the 19th century.

In 1914 the Italians reach Ghadames, three years after occupying of the rest of Libya, but were met with strong resistance. In 1940 Ghadames was placed under French control later to be surrendered to the newly independent Libya.

The old city with its houses made out of mud, lime, and palm tree trunks are the major attraction in Ghadames. Take a guided tour of the narrow atmopheric streets and visit traditional houses.

Camel rides can be taken out into the nearby dunes, particularly atmospheric at sunset.

  • Enjoy a guided tour of the ancient old city.
  • Ride a camel in the Saharan wilderness close to Ghadames.
  • Experience life in a laid-back oasis town.


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