Nafusah Mountains

Nafusah Mountains Scenery

Travel to Nafusah Mountains – The Heartland of the Berber

The Nafusah Mountains is a very scenic region in northern Libya where the majority of the country’s Berbers are concentrated.

The local population was never completely absorbed by the Arab community, and large parts of it belong to the Khariji sect of Islam, the smallest of Islam’s three main directions.

Nafusa inhabitants claim descendancy from the original inhabitants of Libya and maintain a strong cultural and linguistic identity in this rugged part of the country.

Remains of ancient Berber architecture dot the landscape, reflecting a lifestyle that was prevalent until only a couple of decades ago.

Among the places to visit in the mountains are Ghariyan, Yefren, Kabaw, Qasr Nalut, Jadu, Alal’ a Mosque, and Qasr Al-Haj.

  • Enjoy spectacular views over the surrounding Libyan desert landscape.
  • Explore numerous fortified Berber granaries built to a traditional architectural style.
  • Meet the Berber locals and experience rural life in Libya.


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