Travel to Mauritania – Sands of the Sahara

It is surprising that Mauritania is still largely undiscovered by the western traveller. With little over 40,000 visitors a year this west Saharan desert nation has a rich history of ancient civilisations, both natural and cultural World Heritage Sites, vast wilderness, dramatic rock canyons, breathtaking Atlantic beaches and an amazing winter bird migration.

Travellers can experience Mauritanian camel safaris lasting several days (or trek on foot) in untouched Sahara; they can camp under the stars in date-palm oases, enjoy ever-changing landscapes on a Mauritanian 4×4 desert adventure, or simply sip mint tea in the huge white tent of a welcoming nomad. If you are addicted to real adventure take a journey in authentic Mauritania – you won’t be disappointed!

  • Witness the world’s largest concentration of winter migratory birds in Banc d’Arguin National Park.
  • Head for the beautiful desert oasis of Terjit and sleep under date palms to be awoken by birdsong.
  • At Chinguetti, visit ancient libraries and desert remains of past civilisations.
  • Engage in a favourite local pastime – sip mint tea with hospitable nomadic Moors and celebrate life.
  • Discover Mauritania’s Sahara on an adventurous camel trek or wilderness walking holiday.


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