Amogjar Pass

Travel to Amogjar Pass – Breathtaking Scenery

Any traveller that has visited the great natural parks of Utah or Arizona in the USA will be instantly reminded of the awe-inspiring scenery they witnessed. For this particular area of the Adrar Plateau compares to the very best the USA has to offer.

If the canyons, mesas, gorges and rock faces that inhabit this part of Mauritania, were in Europe or the USA, a National Park would have been created many years ago to protect them. Not that they need protecting – so few visitors make it to Mauritania to see this marvellous scenery.

Consequently travel here is rough – stoney tracks only accessible by robust 4WD and exceptional drivers. Traversing desert plains and twisting narrow mountain roads, the dramatic scenery unfolds until reaching the Amogjar Pass.

A visit to ruined Fort Sagane, built to protect the pass, adds an interesting short stop before dropping further down to desert plains frequented by numerous camels in search of water. The Amogjar really is Africa at its best!

Explore by 4WD or head out on foot.

A break for lunch under the shade of an overhanging rock face allows time for exploration on foot and time to take in the solitude of an area where only a handful of people pass through each day.

Private transport in a 4×4 vehicle with driver and knowledgeable local guide is essential for visiting Amogjar due to the ever-changing nature of sand and rock tracks and desert trails.


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