Travel to Rosso – Transit Place on the Senegal River

On a map Rosso looks like it might be an interesting town to visit. Hugging the banks of the Senegal River, an airport, linked by tar roads, an evocative name even… Sadly, interesting it isn’t – necessary it is.

Particularly for any overlanders or travellers planning to cross between Mauritania and Senegal. It is well-known for one reason only – a ferry service operates here, across the Senegal River.

Like virtually all West African ferries, this ferry is chaotic, colourful, loud, bureaucratic and potentially very frustrating. That said – for an opportunity to mingle and chat to a wide mix of locals, and get a lift across the river – it works just fine.

Rosso town itself holds little appeal other than some local shops, petrol and a bright pink hotel that we certainly wouldn’t recommend after seeing the rooms – the Hotel Al Asmaa.

The main attraction is the Senegal River.

There are several small cafés and places to eat in town – ask around and you’ll find somewhere that’ll rustle up some chicken and rice or fish and cous cous if you end up with time to kill in Rosso.

  • Experiencing the sheer elation of actually getting on a ferry after a seemingly endless wait!
  • Important ferry crossing on the Senegal River between Mauritania and Senegal.
  • Great place for people watching – many local travellers use this crossing point.


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