Barren Landscape of Nema

Travel to Nema – An Agricultural Metropolis

Nema’s proximity to Oualata and Mali and more particularly of Tombouctou makes of the town a great tourist destination. Currently, tourism develops more or less rapidly. Nema is especially a commercial city, an agricultural metropolis.

Nema, the chief town of Hodh Echarghi, is located 80 kilometres west of Oualata and 150 kilometres south of Mali (the country). Nema is about as far east as you can get in Mauritania without putting extra efforts into it. Nema is a place of quite a number of nice spots. The architecture here is of stone and clad with clay, quite a bit like what is found further north in Oualata. Nema is adorned with luscious green vegetable gardens.

A shared taxi system will bring you west along the transmauritanienne.


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