Travel to Tichit – The Ghost Town

Thanks to its unique vernacular architecture, beautiful mosques, decorative old houses, bones, and sand, Tichit is one of main interesting towns in the country and one the best tourist destinations in southern Mauritania.

Tichit is a town at the foot of the Tagant plateau in central/south Mauritania. This once great city was founded in the 12th century and was a major trading town for salt and other items. The main industry in Tichit is date farming.

In ancient times, Tichit was near the lake of Aoukar, a lake of 50 000 square kilometres. All that now is left is the salty surface that is being slowly eroding.

The organisation of Tichit tells a lot about its history. To the north is the Shurfa quarter, where greenish stone is used, probably as an expression of the tribe of the Shurfa’s claim of decendancy to the Prophet. Red stone is used in the southern quarter, where the Masana tribe lived. White stone was used for larger buildings.

Tichit is called the ghost town as only few families remain there.

For Tichit attractions there is the Mosque built entirely out of the blue-grey stacked stones and one of the more famous mosques in Mauritania; the cemetery with the unique green stones found in the area; the date harvest which is an especially exciting time in the area where travellers can see the harvested dates being piled into large mounds and covered with palm fronds and then sand to preserve them; the endless white sand dunes receding off into the distance.

Visitors to Tichit can enjoy outdoor camping as the town has no accomodation facilities.

Public transportation to Tichitt does not exist. The only way for visitors to get to it is by renting a 4×4. Tracks lead out to the city from Tidjikja, and the trip is about 200 kilometres.

  • Explore one of the most beautiful cities in Mauritania.
  • Discover a unique and distinctive architecture.
  • Witness endless white sand dunes.


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