Travel to Tidjikja – The “Open Air” Like Museum

Tidjikja, the capital of the Tagant region of central Mauritania, is located 375 kilometres from Atar and 250 kilometres from Tichit. The town is lying on the Tagant plateau and is one of the largest palm plantations of Mauritania. Tidjikja was founded in 1680 by the Idawalis who came from Chenguetti.

Tidjikja quickly developed, becoming a caravan city. At the beginning of the 20th century, it is already a prosperous village. It attracted Capolani, who made it a fortified town. Tidjikja extends besides a Wadi (river) that bears the same name. The town owes its prosperity to the entrepreneurial spirit of its inhabitants who knew how to create prosperous palm plantations and gardens. Tidjikja is also a cattle-breeding area and a commercial warehouse.

For Tidjikja attractions, there is the palm plantation, the tomb of Capolani, the old city; Tidjikja Library; Rachid, located 25 kilometres from Tidjikja, where travelers can see the vestiges of ruins, built of stones on the cliff; Ksar El Barka, an old city which goes back to nearly 4 centuries; and the Moudjeria, a marvellous site between the Massif and the dune ridges.

  • Visit one of the most beautiful cities in Mauritania, known for its palm trees and its vernacular architecture.
  • Visit the tomb of Capolani.
  • See beautiful sand dunes.


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