Travel to Erfoud – Landscape of Desert and Oases

Erfoud, with its dusty red buildings, good hotels, restaurants and a lively souk, is an excellent place from which to explore the surrounding landscape of desert and oases in Morocco. A wide range of sand-based desert activities and excursions are on offer.

Deep into the nearby Sahara Desert, cobalt-blue skies, orange sand dunes, lush fertile oases, serrated mountain summits, and starry skies are the real attractions.

Erfoud is in the Tafilelt. This region used to be the most important place of departure for the cross saharan caravans. From the city of Sijilmassa, which is not far from Erfoud, they would leave for Ghana and Tombouctou. In the 14th century, the Genoans made their embassy in this small town.

Since then, things went downhill gradually. Rissani is however the place where the present dynasty settled before they took power. The tomb of the founder of the Alaouite dynasty, Moulay Ali Shrif, is still to be found there. Erfoud is a French-built administrative town built in the thirties.

Visitors to Erfoud will be astonished by the number and beauty of sights this region has to offer:

  • The Borj-est, a military fort built as an outpost of the French Army
  • Erg Chebbi, a range of gold-coloured sand that stretches for about 20 kilometres
  • Erachida’s bustling market
  • Merzouga, the most beautiful dunes in Morocco
  • Rissani, the last oasis village with its famous palace
  • The ‘Blue Springs’ at Meski
  • The natural amphitheatre of Cirque de Jaffar near Midelt
  • Tinerhir, once a garrison of the French Foreign Legion, which is worth visiting for its kasbahs
  • The magnificent Todra Gorge
  • Erfoud date festival entertains a large number of travellers.

Erfoud is possibly the best destination for romantically-inclined travellers. It is the centre for excursions to the oasis of the Tafilalt region, kept green and fertile by the underground waters of the Ziz and the Rheris.

Travellers to Erfoud can enjoy a guided four-wheel drive to the Erg Chebbi and the oasis around the Erg where they can enjoy riding camels and watch the sunset. Caravans are also available for a trek to the dunes. Travellers can also experience sand bathing, a natural sauna used by local people to eliminate muscle paints and rheumatism. Desert camping is another activity you might be tempted to experience; this will give you the opportunity to discover the nomadic hospitality and way of life.

From the centre of Erfoud, enjoy nice walks or rent a bike. To reach Rissani and the surroundings, grand taxis are available all over town.

  • Choose from a wide range of attractions and things to do in the region.
  • Leave everyday life behind you and enjoy a journey by camel across the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert.
  • Just have a totally surreal desert experience.


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