Dressing the part in Mhamid

Travel to Mhamid – Gateway to the Sahara Desert

Mhamid, also known as Bounou, is a small town in Zagora region made out of a mix of local Ait Atta Berbers, Drawa, and Hassani tribes. The town’s main activity is desert-trips. Travellers to Mhamid can assist in local wedding or local national holiday celebrations.

Before falling asleep gently, Mhamid was a great caravan centre. One can visit the ruins of its Ksar (palace) which recalls its past splendour. Mhamid origins go back to the 16th century under Ahmed El Mansour. It is said that its establishment is much older, and undoubtedly goes up at the time when the Sahara was not yet a desert. In fact, one of oldest proto-historic necropolis of North Africa, Foum-Rjani, is only few kilometres from the town.

Visitors to Mhamid can go to the Kasbah located about 25 kilometres away and inhabited by Africans who came from Mali many years ago; the Erg Chagagga dunes which are about 50 kilometres from Mhamid; and the town Mosque provide other points of interest.

For Mhamid activities travellers can take trips into the desert by camel, 4×4, motor bike, or quad bike. Mhamid visitors can also go to Ouarzazate, Merzouga, or Marrakech.

Mhamid can be explored by foot as it is a very small town. To get there, you might take grands taxis either from Marrakech or Ouarzazate.

  • Experience a wonderful feeling of isolation.
  • Enjoy a camel riding trip deep into the Sahara.


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