Tafraoute & Ameln Valley

Village of Tafraoute

Travel to Tafraoute & Ameln Valley – The Oasis of the South

Tafraoute is a pleasant Anti Atlas oasis town located south-east of Agadir. The oasis of Tafraoute is overpowered by the awesome shaped natural rock formations, scattered and balancing at precarious angles along the length of the valley. Just outside the town is a rather eccentric array of painted rocks. The Belgian artist behind that attraction chose a number of smooth rounded boulders peculiar to the region as his canvas.

Between January and mid-February, the whole region offers spectacular scenery when the almond trees are in full bloom. On the road between Tafraoute and Ait Baha, one passes some of the most breathtaking views of agadirs (fortified villages) perched on rocky outcrops. The finest example is probably Tioulit which is 46 kilometres from Tafraoute.

Tafraoute was built as a French administrative centre and became a Moroccan one after independence. Tafraoute region has more history than the city itself. Not far from Tafraoute is the Zaouia of Sifi Ahmed ou Moussa, which used to be the centre of the Sufi state of Iligh.

While in Tafraoute, you can visit the Ameln Valley and explore its 26 Berber villages with their painted houses. The painted rocks, a plain of boulders painted red, blue and black by a Belgian artist is also worth a look. You can also visit the villages in the vicinity like Slatte and Igli, or consider a walk to Tagoudiche or Timmertmat.

Tafraoute is a good base for hiking trips in the surrounding hills and to Berber villages, walking, or just relax. The town is a welcoming site to feel the cool air coming from the palm grove at the edge of the town.

Getting around in the town or in the Ameln villages you can use petits taxis or rent mountain bikes.

  • Witness a spectacular view of the Atlas Mountains.
  • Relax in splendid landscapes.
  • Discover beautiful and unusual Berber painted houses.


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