Moulay Idriss

Moulay Idriss Zaouia is one of the holiest places of Fès. For many, this edifice remains the soul of the town. The tomb of the founder of Fès, Moulay Idriss II, is visited by Muslims, especially during the Moussem (pilgrimage). Built in the eleventh century, then rebuilt in the thirteenth century, it was used as a meeting place in troubled times: its perimeter, the Horm, used to enjoy a right of asylum.

If you skirt around via the Porte des Femmes, through one of the doors with their sculpted and painted canopies, you will catch sight of the courtyard of the mosque then the tomb room covered in a silk catafalque. Nearby is a copper plaque with a slot on the wall: the faithful put their hand or coloured candles through it to obtain consolation or blessing.


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