Bab El Khémis

If you lift up your eyes, you will discover this inscription on the façade of Bab El Khémis: “I am the door open to all peoples of the west and the east”. It is the powerful sultan Mouley Ismaïl who had this phrase engraved in the seventh century. A strip of inscriptions in cursive characters marks this door which, in its architectural and decorative style, is very similar to Bab Berdaine.

Flanked by two bastions decorated with cornerpieces featuring green cartouches, Bab el Khémis is one of the most beautiful gates of the town. You enter the former Mella (Jewish quarter) through this gate which you may explore on foot. It is a pretty walk that will take you to the Place El Hédim and onto the bustling medina of Meknès.


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