Middle Atlas Mountains

Village in the Atlas

Travel to Middle Atlas Mountains – Central Moroccan Mountains

The Middle Atlas Mountains, or Moyen Atlas in French, is a mountain range in central Morocco, lying between a plateau and plain region (northwest) and the main part of the Atlas Mountains (southeast). The Middle Atlas mountains have many peaks that exceed 2,400 metres, with the highest being Mount Bou Nasser with 3,340 metres height. Covered by cedar forests, the mountains form fishing, hunting, and a skiing area.

The Middle Atlas covers 23 000 km² in area, and comprises 18% of the total mountaineous surface of Morocco. The cities of Khenifra, Ifrane, Boulmane, Sefrou, El Hajeb as well as parts of the provinces of Taza and Beni Mellal lie in the Middle Atlas region, whereas Beni Mellal on the Oum Er-Rbia River is designated as the doorway to the Middle Atlas.

The Middle Atlas is a solid mountainous mass of 350 kilometres in length in the north-east of Morocco with a unique charm. Its wealth of biodiversity, both in fauna and flora, makes the Middle Atlas a popular tourist destination. Its geo-mophologic structure is comprised of limestone, tabled rock in the west, folded rock in the north-east, and volcanic plateauxs.

One of the attractions of the Middle Atlas is its pleasant environment. Visitors to the Middle Atlas can go to the city of Ifrane famous for its ski resort Michlifen; the basin of Sebou that discharges to the Atlantic Ocean; the basin of Oum Errabiaa; the basin of Bouregreg, and the basin of Moulouya that drains to both the Middle and the High Atlas, as well as to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Middle Atlas comes as a pleasant surprise to its visitors with its swathes of forested peaks and valleys. The area is worth discovering. Once there travellers can explore Ifrane surrounded by the majestic cedar tree, where they can enjoy skiing in the Michlifen ski resort. Travellers can also encounter the indigenous Barbary macaque monkey and breathe in some of the freshest and most aromatic air in Morocco.

  • Relax to the scent of cedar trees.
  • Have glorious views of beautiful Morocco.
  • Meet the Middle Atlas Berber inhabitants (Zayanis) and discover their habits and customs while taking time to admire the lakes, the springs, the gorges and the big cedar trees.


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