Telouet Kasbah

Travel to Telouet – Spectacular Kasbah of the Atlas

Telouet is a village on the ‘Route of the Caravans’ from the Sahara over the Atlas Mountains to Marrakech. The village sits at number three on the most popular excursion list from Marrakech list, after Tin Mal and Ouirgane, and Asni/Imlil/Aremd. Telouet has one of the most spectacular kasbahs in the Atlas, which was once the palatial residence and headquarters of the powerful Glaoui tribe.

Easily accessible, Telouet is still one of the great sites of mountain Morocco and an extraordinary display of quasi-medieval power created in the 20th century.

Bloodthirsty and short is the history of Telouet and its kasbah. This is a tale of chance and cunning, of how two brothers of an Atlas tribe, sons of an Ethiopian slave woman, by force of arms and character, came to rule over much of southern Morocco in the early 20th century. The village’s name was synonymous with the repressive rule of the Glaoui brothers. Abandoned before completion, the Kasbah of Telouet as we see it today is the result of 20th-century building schemes implemented by Thami, the second great Glaoui chief.

Surprisingly, there are almost no eyewitness accounts of Telouet at the height of Glaoui power. None of the former inhabitants have written on their home and no doubt the foreign writers and intellectuals of the 1930’s were too preoccupied with Marrakech to make it up to the mountains.

Visitors to Telouet can visit its spectacular Kasbah or head up to the Tichka Pass.

Visitors to Telouet can visit its old Kasbah with expensive and opulant decorations, enjoy a full-day excursion to Tichka Pass, high up in the Atlas Mountains, and visit the Berber villages in the vicinity where Berber communities have lived for generations.

Relax at the famous Auberge Cafe Restaurant Tazgha, only 5 kilometres from Letouet and gaze over the peaceful and pretty area.

Telouet is a little difficult to reach without your own transport. Grand taxis do operate along the main road between Marrakech and Ouarzazate, but you may be better off with a private vehicle and driver or just self-drive.

  • Rediscover history and glory in a small community setting.
  • Visit one of the most stunning and impressive Kasbahs in the Kingdom.
  • Witness scenery that abounds in all directions around the Kasbah of Telouet.


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