Hassan II Mosque

In the morning light of Casablanca, appearing like a magnificent vessel made of stone, the Hassan II Mosque gives life to a dream, the dream of a nation that proudly proclaims its faith in a spirit of openness and modernity. Its architecture takes its majestic inspiration from Arabic and Islamic traditions but boldly surpasses them. In size: it occupies an esplanade covering 2 hectares that can receive up to 80,000 faithful.

In technology: the cedar ceiling in the immense prayer room slides back and forth! In visibility: from the top of the 200 m high minaret, a laser beam indicates the direction of Mecca. It is also the only mosque in the country to be open to non-Muslims. You may thus visit the library, the medersa and the ablutions room. But remember to save some time to enjoy the hammam!


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