El Jadida

El Jadida Harbour

Travel to El Jadida – City of Sun and Cultural Heritage

El Jadida is a colourful port city on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. With its European style Medina, left by the Portuguese, and marine climate, the city has become a very popular tourist destination in the kingdom.

El Jadida beaches, bathed by the Atlantic waves, are undeniably the focal point of the town that attracts both local and foreign travellers. El Jadida also offers its visitors bars and restaurants besides its almost frenetic evening promenade at the old El Jadida Medina – now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

El Jadida, once known as Mazagan, was seized by the Portuguese in 1502 and remained a Portuguese colony till the middle of the 18th century. In 1769, the town was taken by Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah and renamed El Jadida – “The New”.

In 1912, under the French, El Jadida grew into a quite sizeable administrative centre and a popular beach resort. The Portuguese cultural and architectural influence on this small city is visible even today.

While in El Jadida, you can see some notable sites from the Portuguese period. Among them, there is the Medina, also known as the Cite Portugaise, which is the main attraction of the town; the Bastion St. Antione; the Church of Assumption with its highest tower; and the Portuguese Cistern, where the reflections of the roof and the play of the shadows on the columns make for an interesting visit.

El Jadida is possibly one of the best tourist destinations for sun worshippers in Morocco. Apart from the town’s main beach, there are some other sublime beaches in the vicinity, mainly Sidi Bouzid, Houzia, and Oualidia – where you can enjoy windsurfing. You could also enjoy a round of golf at the Sofitel Royal Golf of El Jadida.

  • Enjoy an unforgettable stay, combining unique experiences and the charms of the fashionable districts.
  • Sunbathe and relax on El Jadida’s magnificent beaches.
  • Discover a rich Portuguese architectural legacy.


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