National Museum of Barid Al Maghrib

The Philatelic Collections of the Postal Museum 12 May 1912: the first Moroccan stamp, showing the Aissaoua mosque in Tangier, marked the birth of the Moroccan Postal service. This stamp alone evokes a time when transporting the post was still an adventure. The story of the Airmail adventure goes like this: In 1919, French airman Pierre Latécoère chose Rabat as the ultimate destination for a first air connection, taking off from Toulouse. The Musée de la Poste displays – in addition to the most beautiful collection of Moroccan stamps, envelopes, telephones, telegraphs and postal vehicles – a few rare objects of a ‘high technology’ that is today obsolete: a Baudot telegraph (fitted with a printer) as well as belinographs (ancestors of the fax) which served to transmit images.


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