Tangier Archaeological Museum

The Musée Archéologique de Tanger has found a home in the erstwhile kitchens of Dar el-Makhzen, the governor’s palace. The exhibitions are dedicated in particular to the vestiges of centuries past, presenting the traces of antiquarian Morocco. Many of these masterpieces came from the Roman sites of Volubilis, Lixus, Banassa or Cotta.

Among the best pieces in the Museum is the famous mosaic ‘The Voyage of Venus’, which shows the goddess surrounded by nymphs, on a boat slicing through the waves. Upstairs, a room is dedicated to the funeral rites of antiquity. Beside a child’s tomb and small lead sarcophagi, stands an astonishing life-size model of a Carthaginian vault. A taste of eternity in a city whose roots stretch back thousands of years.


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