Travel to Tunisia – Mediterranean, Sahara, Ancient Roman Cities and More

With over 700 miles of Mediterranean beaches, a rich ancient history with world-class archaeological sites, lush botanical gardens, historical souks, mysterious troglodyte cave dwellings, Star Wars film sets and the mysterious Sahara, Tunisia is a North African land of contrasts perfect for varied Tunisian beach holidays and desert adventures.

Shimmering salt lakes and luxuriant oases of palm trees combine with mesmerising mirages and seductive sunsets to create an unforgettable desert experience. From glorious sandy beaches and buzzing beach resorts to discovering ancient Roman ruins or riding a camel into a Saharan sunset, Tunisia offers something for every holiday traveller.

Tunisia boasts a beautiful selection of resorts for whatever type of holiday you choose and is home to over 3,000 years of history ranging from the Phoenicians, who founded the ancient city of Carthage to the Romans who colonised most of Tunisia, building magnificent towns, such as Dougga and Sbeitla along the way.

  • Visit Tunisia’s film locations and see the sets of Star Wars and The English Patient.
  • Be amazed at one of the world’s best preserved ancient amphitheatres at El Djem.
  • Relax on a Mediterranean beach holiday at famous resorts such as Sousse or Djerba.
  • Discover Tunisia’s south, experience Saharan dunes and troglodyte cave dwellings.
  • Explore the remnants of ancient Roman cities and discover bustling city souks.


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