Northern Tunisia

Travel to Northern Tunisia – Roman Sites & Mediterranean Coast

The region of Northern Tunisia borders Algeria and the Mediterranean Sea and is home to such renowned destinations as; El Djem, Sousse, Carthage and Tunisia’s capital city; Tunis.

The region is popular with visitors seeking an ocean holiday destination and good places to go for this include Bizerte with its beaches, Monastir with its wealth of water sports and Hammamet which combines cultural attractions with exciting outdoor adventures.

However, also in the region you’ll find incredible ancient Roman sites such as the amphitheatre at El Djem and the ruins at El Kef.

From relaxing beach resorts to cultural excursions and exhilarating water sports, Northern Tunisia has something for everyone.

  • Explore the ancient medieval alleyways of Tunis medina.
  • Visit ancient ruins and Roman sites.
  • Relax at beach resorts or participate in a number of water sports.


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